Hi, Howdy, Hello and Welcome! My name is Amanda.

I'm a boutique photographer located in the Redmond, WA area but who also loves to travel to new places to get you that perfect shot to capture a moment in time that'll last a lifetime.

Nothing truly makes me more excited or happy than to capture that memory in time to be treasured now or for many years to come. I am always so honored to be the one to serve another in that way because a photograph can capture so much!

I was introduced to photography through my grandma, getting to see the places she'd traveled and hear the stories that accompanied those photographs. I loved the feeling of being able to look back with her on a memory in time, to share with her a part of her life adventure. Those photographs also sparked a dream to travel and learn about new things, a curiosity that this kitty cat will never stop wanting to have about the world and the people in them... or the opportunity to help preserve others memories for themselves and future generations.

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